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What are PDF files? ~ Where can I get the PDF viewer?
How do I configure my web browser to read PDF files?
What are the advantages of PDF files? ~ Additional help with PDF files

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What are PDF files?

PDF stands for "Portable Document Format." It is a file type that was created to allow formatted documents to be widely distributed regardless of whether specific fonts or postscript files are available to the viewer's system. PDF files have the ability to embed specialized fonts and images within the document as they are distributed. This ensures that as long as you have the ability to read PDF files on your system, you will see the document exactly as formatted by its authors.

How can I make sure my system can read PDF files?

The PDF format was originally created by Adobe Systems. This company freely distributes its Adobe Acrobat Reader software to anyone who wishes to view PDF files. The software is available at the Adobe web site.

Most web browsers currently support plug-ins for PDF files. Information on acquiring the PDF plug-in file can be found at the Netscape web site.

How do I install the PDF viewer?

The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be installed as a helper application in most browsers. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Start the browser.
  2. Open the Options menu.
  3. Open the General Preferences submenu.
  4. Choose the Helpers tab in the Preferences window.
  5. Your window should look similar to this:
  6. Look for a file called "application/pdf." If this file exists, continue to step No. 7. If it does not exist, create a new file by clicking on the Create New Type button. In the Mime Type text box type "application." In the Mime SubType text box type "pdf." The requester box should look similar to the following:

    Click on the OK button. Once the new Mime type has been defined, highlight the entry in the File Type window.
  7. Now, change the File Extensions text box to read "pdf," and the Action radio button to "Launch the Application." Next, click on the Browse button and select the application "ACROREAD.EXE" from the "Acroread" directory. See the first screen shot above for an example of what your entries should look like.
  8. Once completed, click on the OK button and select Options | Save Options. You're done.

What are the advantages of PDF files?

PDF files look exactly like the original document.
Controlling the appearance of documents on the web is a challenge. With PDF, however, you can achieve the highest quality and maintain the greatest control, preserving the integrity of the design — including scalable typefaces and graphics. Although they contain the complete formatting of the original document, PDF files are compact, allowing even the most complex information to be transmitted. And PDF files maintain their formatting even when printed, no matter what printer you use. Only by publishing in PDF can you control what you (or your audience) see.

Additional Help with PDF files

Additional information about creating, reading and distributing PDF files can be found at the Adobe Acrobat web site.

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