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Searle and ALZA partnered in the development of Covera-HS™ (verapamil hydrochloride), a treatment for hypertension and angina that uses ALZA's controlled-onset, extended-release (COER-24) delivery system. Covera-HS was launched in the United States in 1996; ALZA manufactures the drug and Searle markets it.


Searle and Chiron, a biotechnology company in Emeryville, CA, are collaborating on the development, manufacturing and marketing of Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI). TFPI is a naturally occurring protein that inhibits blood coagulation. Currently in Phase I trials for the treatment of complications during microvascular surgery, TFPI has potential applications in trauma, critical care, and a broad range of vascular and inflammatory diseases. Under the terms of the agreement, Searle and Chiron are equal partners in all aspects of R&D and will grant each other licenses to patents that lead to products. Chiron has responsibility for producing commercial quantities of the product and Searle has primary marketing responsibility.


To further its leadership in the sleep-therapy marketplace, Searle has forged an agreement to co-develop and co-promote a new insomnia treatment with CoCensys, Inc. of Irvine, CA. The compound acts on sleep receptors that are entirely independent of receptors targeted by currently available sleep medications. Under the terms of the agreement, Searle will make up-front payments, equity investments and development contributions worth $80 million over the next six years. Searle and CoCensys will co-promote any resulting product in the United States, and Searle will have the rights to develop, register and market any drugs derived from the collaboration throughout the rest of the world subject to royalty payments.



Ethical Holdings plc.

To further its leadership in women's healthcare, Searle forged an agreement in 1996 to license hormone-replacement-therapy (HRT) products from U.K.-based Ethical Holdings plc. Under the alliance, a range of HRT transdermal patches will be developed by Ethical Holdings for treatment of vasomotor symptoms commonly associated with menopause. In exchange for granting Searle the right to market the products in the United States and selected countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific, Ethical will receive an upfront payment and additional fees tied to development milestones.


Searle and Hybridon, Inc. of Worcester, MA, have joined forces in a research, development and licensing collaboration to develop genetic antisense compounds for the treatment of immune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis and transplant rejection. Antisense compounds work by attaching themselves to -- and deactivating -- key segments of DNA responsible for disease development. Under the terms of the agreement, Searle will receive exclusive worldwide rights to commercialize any products resulting from the collaboration. Hybridon will be entitled to royalties from product sales. Searle will be responsible for all preclinical testing, clinical trials and regulatory approvals. Hybridon will be responsible for medicinal chemistry and manufacturing.


Searle and Sankyo of Tokyo are co-developing and will co-market xemilofiban, an orally administered agent that blocks the activity of clot-producing platelets in coronary artery disease. Sankyo will lead development and marketing of the compound in Japan and has recently completed Phase I trials in patients with peripheral arterial disease. Searle will head efforts in the U.S., Canada and Europe, where the product is currently in Phase II clinical trials for use in acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), unstable angina and heart surgery.


Searle and Synthelabo of Paris have joined forces to form Lorex Pharmaceuticals, a joint venture to develop and market Ambien® (zolpidem tartrate) C-IV, a prescription sleep aid.


Searle and Tokyo-based Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., have joined in an agreement to co-develop and co-market Searle's novel oral anti-inflammatory agent, celecoxib, in Japan. Celecoxib is an advanced anti-inflammatory drug that selectively inhibits the inducible cyclooxygenase enzyme associated with inflammation, also known as COX-2. Under the terms of the agreement, Yamanouchi will lead compound development in Japan and will collaborate with Searle on registration. Yamanouchi will pay a one-time licensing fee, make milestone payments, pay royalties and purchase compound from Searle.

Healthcare For Life Initiative AGE WAVE

Recognizing the need to develop more innovative ways to ensure quality, cost-effective healthcare in an aging America, Searle has launched a long-term, multi-partner "Healthcare for Life" initiative to promote healthy aging to managed-care organizations, employers and consumers. At the center of this effort is the Alliance for Healthy Aging, a partnership with 70 of the nation's leading HMOs -- representing more than 23 million patient lives -- and Age Wave Health Services, Inc., an organization based in Emeryville, CA, that helps providers and insurers respond to the needs of older adults. The Alliance explores new ways to provide care for an aging population, including recruiting senior members, building patient satisfaction and managing demand for healthcare services.


In related efforts, Searle has purchased an interest in two healthcare demand management services. Health Decisions International of Golden, CO, provides one-on-one telephone counseling for consumers to assist them in making informed choices about the management of their health. It is staffed by specially trained nurses and is offered through participating employers and health maintenance organizations (HMOs). Strategic Systems Inc. of Waltham, MA, offers risk screening and provides consumers with computerized messages via telephone on various wellness and disease-related topics.

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