Whether you have arthritis, high blood pressure, a sleep disorder or only an occasional cold, it's likely that you've used a pharmaceutical product at some time in your life. Like most people, you probably take for granted the safety and effectiveness of these products and wonder why they cost what they do.

But most people have little idea of just how complex the research and development process is. Identifying promising new drugs and testing them to ensure safety and efficacy is a time-consuming and financially risky endeavor that results in failure far more often than success. In fact, it is estimated that at least 10,000 compounds are tested for every drug that makes it to the market!

Would you play a game if the chances of winning were so small and the cost of losing so high? Well, Searle and many other companies around the world do so every day. And we believe that if you're going to understand the pharmaceutical pipeline (an industry term for the research and development process of creating new drugs), you're going to have to play along with us.

Welcome to The Pipeline Game, the first game to give players the opportunity to learn the business of drug development and have fun doing it. For the purposes of this game, the U.S. drug development system is used as a model. If you're lucky, the compound that you're examining will sail through the many phases of testing, and get to market quickly -- potentially saving lives and contributing profoundly to your company's success. Or your drug could fail before it gets out of the test tube, requiring you to start your search all over again.

Special thanks for development of this game go to Fred Radzialowski of FMR Research Associates, and Geoff Fleet and Linda Thomas of Searle's R & D Department.

Good luck and move on to your first important business decision...



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